Ladies and Livestock
Ladies and Livestock
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“Ladies and Livestock: Life on the Ranch,” is a multimedia exploration of the roles of Montana women on the ranch. This book features over 130 pages of stories, photographs and video features of the ladies who raise livestock, care for the land, and build their family’s legacy on Montana ranches. Not only are these Montana women working on the ranch, many have jobs in town, volunteer in their communities, and are involved in the legislation process of issues affecting agriculture. “This book is meant to be an educational tool for anyone who wants to learn more about where their beef comes from, and understand the lives of the people who raise the cattle. Ladies and Livestock is a journey through the life of a woman on a Montana ranch. Not only can a reader see photographs, but can hear the woman tell her own story and see the emotion on her face as she talks about how important her family is to her.

Ladies and Livestock is the second book in the Montana Family Ranching Series. This book can be purchased for only $14.99 exclusively on iTunes for iPad and Mac owners. To purchase the book, search for "Ladies and Livestock" on iTunes, or visit

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